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Enterprise Solutions

Our objectives are generate business, reduce costs ...

The Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP is the set of management information that enables the integration of production operations, logistics, inventory, shipping and accounting systems.
Through Enterprise solutions, the programs work seamlessly between them, gathering various management functions in one system.
At FHS we collect all the data into one centralized database to optimize processes and information gathering more agile, precise and integrated.
All thanks to A3ERP software, a powerful intuitive tool that adapts to any business.

Customer Relationship Management

Fairhall Solutions, assists its clients in improving their processes in their decision making, and consequently, in obtaining higher returns. Fairhall shall identify emerging needs of its clients and anticipate cutting edge solutions in a cooperative process, evolution and ongoing support.

Thus you have many reasons to trust Fairhall Solutions as your technology provider for providing CRM (Customer relationship management) solutions that meet your requirement in the best possible manner.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Systems resource planning (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning) are information management systems that integrate and automate many of the business practices associated with the operations or production aspects of a company.

It is for this reason that Fairhall has its own ERP system designed with a modular architecture, where each module manages the functions of a different business area, such as: payroll, finance, project management, logistics, stock, orders, accounting, ...